Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The first step of a journey

* Well, I'm finally starting on my fitness journey again. It's been quite awhile in coming, and I can't keep putting off what needs to be done.
* Some of you might recognize this blog's name/title/link. A handful of years ago I started this blog with some associates of mine, hoping that as a group we could support each other in our weight loss and fitness goals. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Life, careers, etc, got in the way and so I dismantled the blog. It also didn't help that I'd started the blog at the beginning of my health problems...issues that worked in total opposition of any weight I was trying to lose. At that time though, I hadn't realized the extent of what was going on and how messed up the next few years would be for me.
* Back then, if I remember correctly, I weighed in the high 190's/low 200's. On a total emotional, mental, and physical/hormonal roller coaster, I kept sabotaging my attempts at weight loss and fitness. But now that I've come out of what I call "my dark period" (& about 70lbs heavier) I've reopened this blog, revamped it and will chronicle my journey. Perhaps from time to time I'll have guests on -- those who deal with health and fitness or maybe they'll be like me, people who will share their struggles and successes. But for the most part, it's just going to be me and my continuing story. I'd love it if you could check back often and comment on my posts, sharing with me your journey, too. Together we can make progress!
Blessings ~